Monthly Archives: February 2015

Video Series

Upcoming Video Series

Koyama Dojo is partnering with Ascalon Films to produce a professional promotional video for our school and a series of instructional videos about Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu. Pre-production has already begun on this histroric project and shooting will begin in March. Several roles need to be filled before shooting can begin. For the promotional film,

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New Shop

New Online Store!

It’s great to show your Koyama Dojo pride off the mat. Now this is easier than ever with our new apparel and accessories shop. It’s got everything from T-shirts to beachtowels to mugs to stickers. Take a few minutes and explore all the new designs and items you can purchase with authentic Koyama Dojo artwork.

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Revamped Beginner’s Class

We’ve revamped the beginner’s class to better meet the needs of new students. We understand that it can be intimidating to walk in as a new student to a class full of black belts practicing advanced techniques. To combat this, we will have a specific curriculum designed to systematically teach new students the fundamentals of

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