Koyama Dojo is Ann Arbor's premier Japanese JuJutsu school. Our instructors have 20 years experience teaching this martial art in the traditional style of Shihan/Deshi or one on one. Hakko Denshin Ryu enables you to defend yourself against larger attackers. Come and learn this beautiful, effective, and rewarding self-defense art.


Although Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu is an ancient martial art, it is also an incredibly effective self-defense system. It teaches students how to use natural movements with very little effort to defeat much larger attackers. Instructors begin with common attacks one might encounter on the street. We then explore the various ways Hakko Denshin Ryu can humanely deal with an aggressor.

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Our classes are designed to build confidence and skill very quickly. By transmitting the techniques in the traditional fashion --one on one, teacher to student-- new students progress rapidly. We have a specific curriculum designed to teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced students the fundamentals of Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu...

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Hakko Denshin Ryu Jujutsu is descended from ancient Genji Clan Samurai techniques. Although there are sketchy references to martial art techniques dating as far back as 23 B.C., the first generally acknowledged was the Japanese grappling system that was developed by Prince Teijun Fujiwara, 6th son of Japan's 56th Emperor...

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